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The number 5 in Studio 5 is a reflection of the 5 main components of fitness.

Muscular Strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

At studio 5 we believe that one cannot be assessed and improved without another.

We offer a comprehensive service, assessing each area and creating a comprehensive plan based on your individual needs. We target all of these areas, in order to help YOU reach your goal.

All of our trainers are qualified, fully insured a, and registered with REPs, the register of exercise professionals.

We also have specialist trainers, qualified to assess and train a range of different illnesses and injuries, resulting in the need for a specialist approach to training.

How are we different?

Ever wondered why the diet that worked so well for your friend has had no benefits for you? 

Ever downloaded an exercise app because of the fabulous results it has given dozens of other users but found it did not do the same for you?

Here at Studio 5 Training, we do not believe that one approach works for everyone. 

After all, we are all individuals, with individual goals and needs, and most importantly an individual anatomy, metabolism and possible health concerns. This is why we do not believe in a generalised approach to fitness and nutrition. All our programmes are bespoke, and will be completely based around your own circumstances and needs, including our online programmes.

We believe it is as much about the journey, as the destination.  

We will support you throughout and assist you in achieving your goals

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We understand that in today's society, time and money are of the essence.  

That is why we come to you, at your home, work or office and offer packages to suit all requirements and budgets.

Our packages range from one to one sessions, to group sessions, and a mixture of face to face and online contact.  

These can be purchased online, or at a consultation with one of our trainers.

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