Advan​ced REPs Personal Trainer

Nutritional Advisor

"I was a very vivacious child, and never stood still aside from when I was watching sports, taking a real interest in all disciplines.  I loved the speed, the technique but most of all the adrenaline.  I asked my parents to join many sport clubs, and when they realised that it might help release some energy, they agreed.  I tried a few different things, until I decided upon swimming.  

I really enjoyed swimming, and competed at semi-professional level for a number of years.  I also trained others and helped them reach their personal goals.  As I got older and needed a new challenge, I began playing football.  I loved the adrenaline and being part of a team. 

My passion for sport and the sense of achievement in helping others reach their goals made me decide to embark on a career as a personal trainer.  

I moved to England, and after learning the language I decided to qualify and begin my journey.

Reaching your goals is one of the most important factors in finding yourself- together we can do this through exercise!  So, whether your goal is weightless, general fitness, or you have a health condition and want to feel better- I can help!

Exercise will not only make you feel better physically, but most importantly it improves mental health!"

Start your journey to a fitter and happier you today!


Advanced REPs and NRPT registered Personal Trainer

Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

"As a teenager I suffered from a mild eating disorder. Although you are never completely cured, through a healthy diet and exercise I was able to improve and keep it under control. I believe exercise helps develop a positive body image, is the key to a healthy body and, most importantly, a healthy state of mind. Exercise is not only good for the body, but thanks to the release of endorphins (feel good hormones), also helps maintain a positive, healthy state of mind. A good few years ago I had a bad car crash, with consequences such as a broken vertebra and a broken clavicle. It was only through exercise that I was able to regain full mobility. The combination of these two things has inspired me to want to help others exercise, improve strength and fitness, retain a healthy weight and take control for their mental wellbeing.

Through my own experience I can honestly say that the difference regular exercise makes, both physically and mentally, to an individual is beyond anything I could have ever imagines. I love helping people reach their goals and targets, seeing their satisfaction in accomplishing them and the observing the changes this has on them as a person. I love watching an individual improve their confidence and blossom. 

Training clients, for me, is not a job, it is a way to help people feel better in their own body, improve their confidence, their balance and mobility. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study to become a PT."

What our clients are saying

"Having found recently that is losing strength at the age of 71 I engaged Valentina Serra to give me a program of exercises to build my core strength.... Valentina is a pass master at getting the best from a pupil without the danger of them getting injured...

Thank you Valentina!"

(Valentina- Director Studio 5 Training)


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